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A wide range of business sectors FOOD TRADE & INDUSTRY COMMUNITIES BUILDING INDUSTRY & MECHANICAL SUB-CONTRACTING LEATHER & TEXTILE INDUSTRY RETAIL & GOODS TRADE STATIONERY, FURNITURE & WOOD INDUSTRY NUCLEAR, AERONAUTICS & ARMY AGRICULTURE AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY INDUSTRIES ELECTRICITY CHEMISTRY, MEDICAL, COSMETIC HEALTH & HYGIENE LOGISTICS, TRANSPORT & SERVICES Work with a responsive, agile partner ! *VSQ HVEJXMRK SJ WTIGMƼ GEXMSRW EPP XLI [E] XS XLI VIG]GPMRK SJ XLI TEGOEKMRK Our engineers, who are expert project managers, offer their know-how as a suppport team, allowing you to : Develop a functional product Gain a competitive advantage Attain high quality standards Enhance the aesthetics and visual appeal of your products We design your packaging andmanage its manufacture backed by a network of production partners who make it possible for us to have an extremely wide, diverse, responsive set of machines at our disposal, allowing us to maintain a high level of intellectual independence in the choices we make Our team provides support throughout the manufacturing process %R IRKMRIIVMRK Sƾ GI HIHMGEXIH XS VIG]GPEFI TEGOEKMRK % GSQTVILIRWMZI SJJIV Expert in design and manufacturing reusable packaging To buy or rent To develop and manufacture optimised packaging To encourage a more environmentally-friendly approach A multi-technology, multi-manufacturer production set-up : to ensure you get the best and optimal solution according to your requirements A multi-skilled team of sales agents, engineers, business managers and purchasers, experts in XLIMV Ƽ IPH OUR APPROACH OUR COMMITMENT OUR KNOW-HOW OUR TEAM