Innovation to your benefit Reusable packaging to enhance your logistics and manufacturing performance

1 Research & Development 3 4 Transport & Storage & Traceability 5After-Sales Service & Maintenance 6 Management of recycled items (carry over) 7 Recycling of raw materials 2 Industrialisation & Production Quality control From drafting of specifications all the way to the We design your packaging and manage its manufacture backed by a network of production partners who make it possible for us to have an extremely wide, diverse, responsive set of machines at our disposal, allowing us to maintain a high level of intellectual independence in the choices we make A comprehensive offer An PACKAGING TO BUY OR TO RENT

A wide range of business sectors FOOD TRADE & INDUSTRY COMMUNITIES BUILDING INDUSTRY & MECHANICAL SUB-CONTRACTING LEATHER & TEXTILE INDUSTRY RETAIL & GOODS TRADE NUCLEAR, AERONAUTICS & ARMY AGRICULTURE AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY INDUSTRIES ELECTRICITY CHEMISTRY, MEDICAL, COSMETIC HEALTH & HYGIENE LOGISTICS, TRANSPORT & SERVICES recycling of the packaging Our engineers, who are expert project managers, offer their know-how as a support team, allowing you to : Develop a functional product Gain a competitive advantage Attain high quality standards Enhance the aesthetics and visual appeal of your products the manufacturing process engineering office dedicated to recyclabe packaging STATIONERY, FURNITURE & WOOD INDUSTRY

Work with a responsive, agile partner ! Expert in design and manufacturing reusable packaging To buy or rent To develop and manufacture optimised packaging To encourage a more environmentally-friendly approach A multi-technology, multi-manufacturer production set-up : to ensure you get the best and optimal solution according to your requirements A multi-skilled team of sales agents, engineers, business managers and purchasers, experts in their field OUR APPROACH OUR COMMITMENT OUR KNOW-HOW

SPECIAL PRODUCTS SPECIAL PRODUCTS STANDARD PRODUCTS Plastics engineering : thermoforming, rotational moulding & injection Steel and wire mesh : with different types of fitting technologies Our achievements

Benefit from related services offered by POOL MANAGEMENT, an expert in renting and pooling of reusable packaging and belonging to the same group : Your reusable packaging rented and traced using RFID technology CONTACT US TAKING IT A STEP FURTHER STEELPLAST EVOLUFIL Lieu-dit Val de Pons 83350 RAMATUELLE Solutions for renting and pooling your reusable packaging (optimised management of your fleet of containers and management of their transportation). Periodic maintenance and cleaning of your equipment. Optimised usage of your fleet thanks to the traceability of your containers. End of life management of your packaging, as well as its recycling. +33 (0)1 69 25 87 87