The art of designing differently to optimise your logistics flows :

Reusable packaging to enhance your logistics and manufacturing performance
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Innovation to your benefit

We design and manage the creation of your reusable packaging with our wide network of production partners. We have the most diverse set of machinery in the industry. We draw on our independence in terms of the technological choices we make to create your metal containers and various optimised packaging.


Expert in design and manufacturing reusable packaging to buy or rent


Develop and produce innovative packaging by optimising your overall cost of ownership or use

Promote a more eco-friendly, eco-profitable and sustainable approach


A multi-technology, multi-manufacturer production set-up : to ensure you get the best and optimal solution according to your requirements


A multi-skilled team of sales agents, engineers, business managers and purchasers, experts in their field, for your benefit

A comprehensive offer

Provision of comprehensive services to make your projects come true !

Our team provides support throughout the manufacturing process from drafting of specifications all the way to the recycling of the packaging

circular route of packaging for sale or rent