Standard or specific equipment to optimise your logistics flows

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Find out about sustainable packaging solutions

Steelplast Evolufil is an expert in the design of reusable packaging, using a single technology or a combination of various technologies depending on your needs, including :

Mechanised welding
Wire products
Rotational moulding
Interior fittings



We develop sustainable, high-quality packaging solutions for the handling, storage and transport of your products.
They are reusable and suited to numerous industrial applications over an extensive array of applications : automobile, logistics and transport, medical, industry, electricity, chemistry, etc. Steelplast Evolufil therefore meets the demanding requirements of any industrial company, consistent with an eco-friendly form of logistics focusing on sustainable development.

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If you are looking for the solution best suited to your imperatives ?

We can:

Design custom packaging

Deliver packaging dedicated to automotive standards

Reclaim a low-cost product to give it a second life, in keeping with sustainable development

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Specific packaging is developed by our-house engineering office based on your requirements and specifications. Our teams assist you with any packaging project, from the design through to the delivery of the finished product.

Specific products may involve different technologies, but also different features such as tarps, wire baskets and rolling stock.


Standard reusable packaging on the marketplace is the benchmark, of industrial companies as they manage their flows. This robust packaging helps you manage your internal of subcontractor flows in a sustainable manner. These products are available, with a low minimum order quantity.