An engineering office that makes your projects come true

If you are looking for the solution best suited to optimize your logistics flows, we design custom packaging for you, from the completion of plans through to delegated engineering.


Our mission

bureau ingénierie steelplast

Our business engineers provide you with their expertise to :
Develop a functional, ergonomic product
Give you a competitive edge, a competitive overall cost of ownership and use
Enhance the looks and aesthetics of your products
Achieve flawless quality
Certify compliance with specifications
Provide the best quality in accordance with applicable technical standards

Our in-house engineering office brings your projects to life, in particular by using the recognised Solidworks design software. They are open to your requests and can also propose solutions to optimise the capacity of your packaging.

bureau d'ingenierie

Steelplast Evolufil’s engineering team supports you at every step of the project, from study through to delivery :

design (CAD), strength of materials study (SOM), mock-up, prototype, tools, checking template

industrialisation, production, schedule monitoring, quality control



To go further : find out about delegated engineering services

Building on our experience, our teams adapt to your internal resources and constraints by establishing a cooperative project mode on request, referred to as “delegated engineering”. In this type of project, our teams work directly within your company and fit into your internal processes, in an advisory and project monitoring capacity.




A flexible partner providing numerous related services

Steelplast Evolufil is an expert partner, attentive to your needs and responsive ! It is also a partner providing multiple related services to give you much-needed flexibility : 

If you wish to optimise the management of your reusable packaging stock, find out about our services guaranteeing the traceability of your containers via the RFID technology
Maintain your investment capacity by renting rather than buying your standard packaging
Outsource the upkeep and maintenance of your packaging
Care about sustainable development? Outsource the recycling or remarketing of your containers