Optimize your stock through tracked rental

With the rental offer, maintain your investment capacity !


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COGIT, Steelplast’s sister company, provides a broad range of reusable packaging for rental.

This rental offer covers most of the needs of industrial companies. Standard equipment rented includes Plastic boxes – Plastic pallet boxes – Wire mesh containers – Bulk liquid containers, commonly used in various areas of activity and approved by the main users : automotive, food, cosmetics, chemicals and recycling industries.



Rental for an unlimited or fixed duration

Short or long-term rental



Equipment stock immediately available



Support from equipment delivery through to collection when you have finished using it

Benefits for your business :

Preserve its cash
Use an operating budget
Outsource the monitoring of the equipment and related services
Adapt to your uses
Free yourself of recycling and CSR requirements

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Pooling and traceability, two major pillars to optimise your stock

COGIT has developed its own traceability software Jawacs®

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How does it work ?

Two RFID tags are affixed to each container and scanned by operators equipped with PDAs (personal digital assistant) or by detectors capable of simultaneously reading a large number of tags when loading and unloading pallets.

All reading systems communicate the information to a Jawacs® processing application developed in-house, which identifies the site where the container can be found at any given time. An alert system can also detect containers that may be needlessly immobilised. The information provided by the application is available to the relevant user profiles (subcontractors, warehouses, workshops and box suppliers).


Benefits of this solution :

Reduction in packaging costs thanks to optimised stock
Lower waste treatment costs due to the reuse of plastic containers

Respect for the environment as packaging is 100% recyclable
Uniform and attractive presentation of products on shelves as packaging is cleaned and disinfected after each rotation


5 reasons to outsource :

1. Powerful Jawacs ® software that provides an overview of packaging positions and can optimise internal and external flows through learning to reduce evasion, loss and immobilisation.
2. Tried and tested software : one billion readings over 10 years’s experience with leading players in the retail, automotive, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
3. Software with strong processing capacity : currently 250,000 to 500,000 RFID readings per day [24/7-365 days a year]
4. Turnkey offer with many related services : purchasing, rental or rotation, maintenance and cleaning services, retrofit services, Design Office
5. A dedicated team consisting of business engineers and project managers